Hi, I am Jeremy Jude Seow.

As a passionate photographer and film maker, I love the fact that these art forms allow me to immortalise special moments and capture them in the form of something that can be replayed over and over. Through the last couple of years shooting professionally, I have been able to connect with new people on my various projects, strong hearted individuals whose experiences and talents are truly humbling.

Some of these people uprooted their whole lives to go out and see the world. Some quit their stable and secure jobs so that they can pursue their true life passions. Some teach dance to raise funds, so that they may support the less fortunate, in countries thousands of miles away. One picked up programming after music school and became a professional software engineer even though the whole world was telling him he wouldn’t succeed. Others went back to university in their 40s because they had the desire to learn something new.​

Talking to these people and listening to their stories truly inspired me to keep pushing my creative horizon, and to go out and experience the world, so that one day, just maybe, I get to tell my own story that inspires others too.

We only get one chance at life, so we gotta make it count, right?

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